Thursday, June 2, 2016


 I haven't been posting much but I have been sewing, maybe not as much as my normal but still sewing.  Projects like this one have been on my mind and finding time to complete them, scarce. 

I have had this Fabric Mart plaid for maybe a couple of years.  Its a JCrew fabric, cotton with a crinkle to it.  I actually had to iron the fabric with starch to get it to submit to cutting and sewing.  But it is a really nice light weight, soft cotton- perfect for summer heat. 

I had my husband snap these pictures really quickly before work so I wasn't thinking about changing the camera settings, that's why there's a blue tint. 

The pattern for this top is a good one,  it took some concentration to figure out the fly button closure but in all the instructions are good.  I love the details of this top and truly hope I can make one more before the summer is up. 

Other projects are slowly being completed but sometimes there's too many other fun things to do when your children are small and the summer days are long... so until next time, happy sewing!!