Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The 5 Minute Cartwheel Shorts Tutorial

I've debated about the name of this post, its not necessarily a sewing tutorial since there is no sewing involved and its barely what I would consider a tutorial since it takes all of five minutes to make.  But lets just call it a good idea I'd like to share.  

Do you have a lot of these hanging around from the winter season?

You know, worn out, well-loved kid leggings, complete with holes in the knees and stains.  Don't throw those out, especially if your daughter loves to wear sundresses as much as mine.  I like my daughter to play without the worry of flashing her undies every time she jumps, kicks, sits down, swings etc. so this is how I turn worn out leggings into cartwheel shorts. 

1.)  Fold leggings together lining up the legs and knees.  

2.)  Measure, or guesstimate how long you want your cartwheel shorts to be and cut.
3.)  You are done, you now have cartwheel shorts to go under sundresses.  The raw edges won't unravel because knits don't unravel but if you don't like the raw edges you can turn them under and stitch it down with a twin needle or a long stitch.  I don't mind the raw edges since they are going to be under a dress anyway.  And there you go, no more undie flashing worries whilst playing!


  1. Yours posted this at 7:50 am ! Early! I love the name of cartwheel shorts
    . Too cute . Love mom

  2. Thanks Mom! Little girl likes to wear those sundresses!

  3. Love this tutorial!! I have a few that I can do this to for M. Sorry about the copycat :( Wish people would give credit where credit is due. Anyway great tut!

    1. You noticed that too huh? ....So glad you can use this for Maddi, we love pairing these with dresses.