Thursday, June 26, 2014

Retro Reproduction Dress: Kansas City

UPDATE:  the free, basic version of this pattern is now available here

One of the reasons that Elizabeth and I started this blog was so we could share our sewing projects with each other.  Since we now live over 700 miles apart, it's a little difficult to get together for an afternoon of sewing, or fabric shopping, or collaborating on other creative endeavors.  This blog gives us an alternative space to do some of that, as well as makes us conscientiously carve out time for joint projects (which, as moms, can be so hard to do for anything that's not kid-related).   But the point in saying all of this is that projects like the Retro Reproduction dress are why we blog:  Elizabeth was inspired by a style, drafted the pattern, made several versions (here and here), shared it with me, I digitized and graded, and here is my version.   And all of our collaboration was online!  And now we get to share it with anyone else who might be out there reading!

So without further ado...

 I had been wanting to make a color-blocked dress like this for, oh, eight or nine months now, so this was finally a great excuse to do so.  When we release the free pattern, we'll be sure to include a tutorial on how to make this variation.

The multicolored fabric was a thrift store purchase-- about four yards of 60" wide for $1.00.  I love finds like that!

The back of the dress has the same pattern as the front:

 And I love the geometric sides!

Most importantly, for a three year old, the dress is great for running around and playing:

 We are working on making this into a free pattern (sizes 2T-4T), and it should be available within the next few weeks.  So check back with us soon!


  1. So cut. And a darling model. I enjoy your and Elizabeth's posts so much. I was at Liz's recently and saw the original dress on Bitty Girl. You and she have done a good job drafting and sizing it. Congrats. Jane

  2. Wow, this is really beautiful... I wish I had a little girl now ;)

  3. This is darling. Looking forward to your pattern. We are a mother/daughter team who are far apart and are in a similar sewing situation. Love it!