Friday, April 22, 2016

Easter Dresses

These are the Easter dresses for my girlies, they are posted late here, made on time for Easter and one was not even worn out until the Sunday after Easter because of illness!!  So it goes...

These were made entirely from my stash which made me feel proud since I have desperately been trying to bust that stash of all kid related fabrics.  Who bought all that fabric anyway?!

 First up is my seven year old.  She is wearing Simplicity 8064.  
It went together very well, and the only real issue I have with it is the elastic configuration at the small of the back.  Some how it plus the button at the back of the neckline are supposed to hold the dress up but in reality it all relies on the button at the neckline.  That is a lot of dress to hold up on your neck.  I even cinched the elastic and took it up a good bit but in the photo below you can see it needs more taken up.

There's a cute little peter pan collar hidden under the neck bow, but I felt the dress really needed that extra green splash of fabric to break up the pink.  

I used a cute little heart button for the neck.  Seven year old approves of the dress which is a win!  I fully underlined the skirt and the top portion includes a lining. 

Next is the three year old.  This is an out of print McCall's pattern that I made for my other daughter when she was three.  It is pretty adorable and I probably should've made the front a sash instead of a bow but the fabric was cut out and people, Easter was coming fast and this needed to get done!  So two bows it was, one in the front and one in the back!  

Two year old approved and I love this tea set fabric, love it.  So not too much to say this pattern is OOP, it was a good one with a full lining which I love.  You can't tell it from this picture but the bodice has a lapped front and the illusion of being a wrap.  Sweet dresses like this are my absolute favorite for my kids.  Ok thats about all I have to say!