Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vogue 9109 Anniversary Dress

This is Vogue pattern 9109 lengthened to a dress.  I've been following this pattern on Pattern Review for a while wondering about finally using this red fabric I thrifted some time ago.  I decided to go for it and I think the result is pretty good for a summer project.  My motivation to sew in the summer really waxes and wanes- I love the excuse/idea of sewing a dress for my summer wedding anniversary but when it gets down to it a lot of times I'd rather be outside!  So as far and a semi-dressy/not overly involved sewing/anniversary dress goes this was a good choice.

Pattern: I did manage to make the pattern a little fussier than it was originally drafted to be by making facings to finish the neck and armscye (thanks to this review on Pattern Review) I didn't want the dress to have a bias finish look.  I also ended up shaving away width from about the bust-line down as I went and did a little shaping in the back with the center back seam line.  I used a size 10 in the shoulder/bustline and 12 in hips. 
Fabric: Thrifted red polyester fabric with really good drape worked perfectly for this pattern.  I have had this in my stash for a while and really wanted to make a dress from it but something with simple lines so this pattern was a great choice to pair with the fabric.  The neck ties at the back are repurposed from an old pair of silk pajama pants I've had for a while and have been cutting away at for a while. 
Please overlook my ant bitten ankles.  Those critter bites are so unforgiving for my sensitive skin!