Saturday, September 17, 2016

September Shorts

I need more shorts for our upcoming trip to the beach and this is the result!  After seeing a few bloggers and Pattern Reviewers make these shorts up I thought I would give them a try.  

 Everyone's review basically stated that these shorts have too much design ease and you should make one or two sizes down from your normal size.  I would recommend that as well, with the addendum that you need to be sure that the top portion will slide up over the widest part of your hips.  If not then regardless of the fact that they have an elastic back you still won't be able to get them pulled up.  So that being said, I cut a size 10 around the leg opening and a 12 at the waist.  I would normally sew a size 14.  I also had to let out the side seams a bit at the top to make sure I could indeed stretch the top over my widest point.   

 Don't judge this picture, its for sewey people who care about back fit, so the poofing at the center top is probably my fault, I added a wedge up there for a small fuller seat adjustment and will have to shave some off next time.  Heres a picture illustrating what I did to the pattern.  My pointer finger is pointing to the wedge:

 I also lowered the lower crotch curve a bit and cut at the size 14 for the pointy bit of the crotch above the inseam. This was all in an effort to accommodate my tush.  Worked pretty well.  These shorts don't have the most flattering back view but meh, can't win them all and they were a relatively quick make. 

 Fabric used is a thrifted cotton that I think is a cross weave, it really wanted to unravel but is really soft.  Good for casual beach time.  I serged almost all the inner seams.  The top is a Megan Nielsen Briar from a few years ago.  Its a soft drapey rayon knit.  Well that's the long and short of this make, I am hoping to get a few more things sewn before I leave but they may be more for the small ones than for me, and that's ok.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!