Thursday, January 23, 2014

Purple is my pantone color of the year

I think that purple has become my personal pantone color of the year.  I'm not really sure why I bought so much purple fabric this past year, most likely because it was on sale, but I did.  I don't mind it, it seems like people either love it or hate it, but I think its good for me since I sometimes gravitate too much toward blues.  
Well on to the top: 
Fabric: This fabric is a flannel from Hancocks fabrics.  Its a little heavy for this top but I wanted something a little warmer for winter than the rayons I've used in previous makes.  Please don't look for plaid matching- because there is none!  I know, bad sewist bad, but meh, not such a big deal since I squeezed this out of 1 and 1/2 yards of fabric.  Rayons work perfectly with this top, flannel is naturally a little stiff. 

Pattern: This is the Made by Rae Ruby top.  I've made four total, so its safe to say that I like it!  The sleeves are from the Washi Expansion pack and are shirred around the bottom.  The construction of the top is easy and quick.  I recommend it for those times when you just want a quick project.  It is super comfortable and pairs well with jeans.  

Well if you're looking for a "grade" for this pattern I'd give it a solid "A" since it yields consistent results, comes together easily, and fits great.  I will say that I made it in another fabric that was too stiff (more so than this flannel) and that it looked mighty poofy, so don't do that, unless you're in to poof.  So what fabric will you use on your Ruby top?  Rayon?  Flannel?  Stiff poofy pirate fabric? 


  1. Can you say ADORABLE?!?! Job well done, I love it.
    Thanks so much for sharing. I miss you so much when looking at your blog :::( We need to get together soon. Love, Holly
    ps spoonflower is offering a free swatch of any fabric (normally $5) and free shipping. offer ends I believe at noon tomorrow. I just ordered a swatch :)

    1. Thanks Holly! It is a really comfy top. Miss you too and would love to get together...we should do that before August! Thanks for the spoonflower tip too! Love their stuff and noticed its made in N.Carolina.

  2. oops...sorry it is of any print has to be on silky faille.