Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Two Knit Dresses

I completed two knit dresses for my Fabric Mart post this month and I have to say that I think I will live in these dresses this summer!  They are comfy and don't take an exorbitant amount of time to complete- win, win!

I posted all of the photos on that site that don't include the full extent of my two girls shenanigans, but for fun I thought I would post all of the outtakes here!

 Spontaneous hugs and floating fists often make an appearance in my pictures!

 We are covered in pollen during this time of the year and you can see a nice big pollen laden hand gave me a hug. 

 I have a model mimicking me in the background!

 Your arm is a perfect frame for my face and then Mom turns around to say "ok that's enough!"

So many bloggers seems to accomplish such professional pictures, for my part I am just lucky to be alone in a few pictures!! Ha!

Sewing details for those interested:

Black dress:
  • The black dress is McCalls 7348 made in a gorgeous black rayon/nylon/spandex blend from Fabric Mart.  
  • The changes I made to 7348 include narrowing the skirt portion of the dress so that it would fit on two yards of fabric.  I ended up removing 7 inches of circumference from the bottom edge of the pattern.
  • I didn't hem the sleeves or hemline.
  • I shortened the neckline binding pattern piece by about an inch. 
  •  Used size 10.
Aztec blue print dress:
  •  McCalls 6886 in a cotton/spandex blend from Fabric Mart, soft and so breathable. BTW this fabric is on sale on that site for just 4.00 a yard!  Here's the link.
  • Graded pattern from 10 at bust, 12 at waist to 14 at fullest part of my hips. 
  • Shortened neckline binding a bit, had to "draft" my own since this is not an included pattern piece.
  • Miscut the sleeves therefore stripes don't line up but I'm ok with it since the pattern is so busy. 
  • Did not hem the sleeves but hemmed the bottom hem.  
So happy with these two makes, two great fabrics and two easy patterns.  The end products are very comfy to wear and I know that there will be another maxi dress like the black one soon!


  1. Very nice! I'm happy to see that cotton/lycra print made up. I used to snap up all their cotton/lycra knits whenever they went on sale because that is mostly what I sew with. Lately I have noticed that my stash overflows with prints that dot match each other ... so I only bought solids during their last jersey sale (erm, yesterday). I was tempted by this one though and it looks great as a dress.

    1. Thanks Masha, I always love to see a print I've been eyeing made up, gives me such a clearer picture of how it can be used. I agree that its hard not to snatch up all the prints in site!

  2. Don't you LOVE IT when what you make FITS you!!! I have all P&P books and videos. Fabulous resources.

  3. Don't you LOVE IT when what you make FITS you!!! I have all P&P books and videos. Fabulous resources.

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