Friday, April 11, 2014

Kids Clothing Week Sewing

The spring Kids Clothes Week sew along is this week and I completed two summer tops for the kiddos and a top for me this week.  This top is a vintage pattern, Simplicity 9095 made from Anna Maria Horner voile and chambray.  
The lines remind me of the Made by Rae Ruby top with the exception of a button down placket in the back.  My daughter picked out the buttons.  

This voile is so light and airy, perfect for summer tops.  I hung on to this fabric for about a year for some crazy reason and thought it was about time to cut the fabric!  That's a motto I have to say to myself sometimes "cut the fabric, cut the fabric!"  Another motto of mine for nicer fabrics is "enjoy the fabric, enjoy the fabric!"  
For the 21 month old I made this little dress.  Its Simplicity 3509 and is out of print now.  Thanks to my tendency to buy a couple of the same patterns when they're on sale I had an extra copy for this dress.  Its the 18 month old size which fits my daughter perfectly, she's kind of trim but tall.  
We went on a picnic and took these pictures.  My girls love to find a water source and chunk rocks and sticks into to it but as my Mom would say "I never saw a kid that didn't like to do that."  My littlest ended up in a pile of washed out rocks digging with a her new dress no less!  But I'd much prefer my children to be happy at play and dirty than concerned about their clothing.  
We spent part of our time eating, part of our time in the creek and the rest of our time feeding this beautiful (but territorial) swan.  
I made a top for myself as well out of the same voile.  Its the Made by Rae Ruby top I mentioned earlier with the Made by Rae Washi expansion pack sleeve.  
 I shortened the sleeve and next time I may try to take some of the fullness out of it.  I've made several other Ruby tops before in rayon challis and I think I prefer the drape of those over the voile.  I once read that if rayon challis drapes like water, voile drapes like air and that makes a lot of sense to me.
The top turned out very floaty and very light weight which will be great for our hot southern summers.  
This girl can always get a big smile out of me, she was a little tired of wearing her matching shirt and resorted to this comfy t-shirt dress.  Well what can you expect from a modeling staff that works pro bono.  These are probably going to be my only entries into the Kids Clothes Week pool.  I usually have such high hopes for that week but I'm pretty proud that in the midst of sewing Easter dresses I completed these tops too.  So are you sewing for Kids Clothes Week at the same time that you're working on Easter dresses?

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  1. Adorable, all of it. The voile is dreamy and the chambray a perfect contrast.

    Sadly, my kids are wearing RTW this Easter *gasp* :) I fell in love with some dresses at Marshalls' last year and bought them. I feel a little guilty, but it sure is less stressful!

    1. Thanks Masha! Voile is such a luxury to work with and I completely understand choosing rtw...sometimes the practicality of it is absolutely necessary, especially when keeping up with the pace of little ones!

  2. Super cute tops! You must be a busy mama sewing Easter dresses and all of these that you shared here. I used to make tops very similar to that Ruby top back in college, with the exception of them being sleeveless. Oh how I miss them! That AMH voile is beautiful. I haven't sewn with it yet, but I just finished a skirt using fabrics from her Dowry collection. Her fabrics are amazing!You can check it out here if you like.

    1. Hi Laura, yes those tops are super comfortable! And the AMH fabric is such a pleasure to sew with, the hand of that fabric is incredible. It is a busy time sewing Easter dresses but I am always so glad I did it when they look so cute on Easter Sunday. Thanks for stopping by our blog, I'll have to check out yours as well!