Saturday, October 18, 2014

Big List 'O Cool Weather Sewing Plans

Every change in seasons results in new sewing plans.  And since our in between seasons here aren't extremely dramatic in temperature change I'm able to ease into sewing new things for me and my children.  I always seem to dream up way more than I'm usually able to accomplish and I'm ok with that, that's part of the sewing fun- dreaming.
I thought this year I might make a list of the things I'd love to sew for cooler weather (and that I may or may not actually complete).  It helps me to know what I have in my stash so that I can better utilize fabric and patterns.  I also thought I'd jot down some of the reasoning behind some of my choices, for example, a dress may not be something I need but I may need to stash bust some fabric that is perfect for a dress. I know this list is forever long, but here it is anyway!

Sewing for Me:

  •  Thurlow Trousers- I've had this pattern for a while and I am going to conquer it, especially since there is this fantastic sewalong to hold my hand.  I am inspired to make them into skinny pants based on this adorable pair.  It seems like its only truly practical to get a great fitting pant I can make since that is what I wear most on a day to day basis.
  • Simplicity 2061 Knit pant- I recently made these and am now obsessed.  I want to change up the pleats to tucks for fun and I love the idea of pseudo pants that feel like pajamas!  I'm really inspired by this pair.   More of these are a must. 
  • I loved wearing my Moss Skirt  last winter with tights and leggings.  I want to make another one with a little more length on it.  I've got some great ikat looking fabric from Fabric Mart I want to use up or maybe some neutral fabric.  
  • I really need new winter pajamas and ugh, I kinda dread making them.  However those quilting cottons absolutely must be busted this year and nothing uses them up like pj pants.  Since I've had success with the knit Simplicity 2061 I think I'll use the included pj pant from it as well.   

  • Liesl and Co. Bistro Dress.  I recently won some prize money from Stitch 56 for their Alder dress competition and I snapped up this pattern along with one for my 2 year old and I am eager to make it since I've been eyeing sheath dress patterns for a year.  I'm undecided on the fabric to use but might just use some red fabric I thrifted recently.
  • I think I need a winter ready Emery Dress.  After all I made all my fitting changes this summer so it should be just right!  This awesome plaid one is my favorite of all I've perused on the interwebs. 
  • Oh my goodness, have you all seen the gorgeous DVF wrap dresses popping up on sewing blogs lately?  I really should make one.  After all I bought my first wrap dress this summer and have LOVED wearing it, sooooo comfy and soooo well fitting.  So I have this Simplicity wrap dress pattern, now I have to figure out what kind of fabric works well with it and how to make it look good!  Realistically I'll probably make this for the spring.
  • This dress has been in my head a while, especially the one with piping and a contrasting panel.  Might just have to move this up the list.
  • I also really wanted to mash up my Alder and Archer and make a long sleeve Alder like the one on the one on Grainline blog.  I know I'd wear that a ton.
  • Realistically I mostly wear pants and tops, so it only makes sense to make more tops!  I am trying to figure out a good winter casual top pattern and find it a challenge.  I'm really considering this one, it looks promising.  I love the idea of raglan sleeves and the comfort of knits.  
  • I have worn my two Archers to death this summer and spring and they are true work horses in my wardrobe.  It seems like they should be at the very top of my sewing list.  I believe a flannel one is in order and maybe some gorgeous voile I've been saving. 

  • Simplicity 1325 I am super obsessed with wool jackets right now and I think its because I've got some beautiful wools in my stash that are ready to be worn.  Also I find outerwear kind of a challenge to make.  I love this one for the cut.  
  • Simplicity 1688 Although I think this jacket is supposed to be more of a spring design I have a lovely cobalt blue cut of linen that I'd love to see turn into this jacket.  I love the simplicity of this jacket and it would be awesome to try to make the striped version.
  • I found this awesome pattern at my Mom's when visiting this summer and she had always planned on making it.  I found tear outs from her women's magazines showing her inspiration for it.  She never made it and the bust measurements are the same as mine- I am totally making this!  It seems like some kind of legacy I should fulfill for her!  I think I'll make the longer version first.  The instructions don't include a lining, only facings so I'll need to figure out how to add a lining to facings.  Anyone, please share your resources for doing that!  
Also can you believe that she bought 6 patterns for 1.00???? I definitely want to do a Chanel inspired version but like I said, I'm gonna have to read a few more good resources for that!  When I lived in Kansas City I went to an estate sale for a man who was a tailor and got some amazing plaid wool that I think would make the perfect long version of this coat.  

Sewing for my children: 

  • I want to make the Ayashe blouse for both my 2 year old and 6 year old.  I have the pattern traced and cut out now to cut the fabric and sew them!  I'm always on the look out for cute long sleeve tops for my girls for winter and find it a bit of a challenge to find ones I like.  I really love this woven Boden top and the 6 year old gave a thumbs up to the one with birds.  
  • The Flashback Skinny Tee has been a tried and true for me but I've found that as my eldest has grown that the fit just isn't quite right.  I think that its a bit too skin tight on her and her measurements aren't out of the norm for a child of her age.  So rethinking this one for her- will need to make some adjustments.  It fits the 2 year old just fine. 
  • If I make the Ayashe blouse, I have to make the Ayashe Skirt since I bought the two together at Pink Chalk Fabrics.  
  • Pants for my children is an area where I've always been at a quandary, they don't want anything they have to button or zip, they need to be durable and a dark color that absorbs/masks stains.  I don't really want to make a bunch of leggings for them (booorrriinnngg) but I also don't want to spend a ton of time making pants with a fly and button that no one will appreciate but me.  I've used the Parsley Pants in the past with great success.  But like the flashback tee I find the more my child grows the less I like the fit.  The fit is ok, but I really would rather they be closer to perfect so as not to appear too "my Mom made these and now I have to wear them."   
  • I love McCall 6781 for both my girls.  It reminds me of this Oliver and S dress and I love the way you can use a contrasting fabric for the hem and neckline inset.  
  • I also like McCall's 6786 for my eldest.   I usually like things that look more on the side of young child but think this one may be worth checking out.
  • Of course the ever popular Geranium dress will make a few appearances, especially since I am still on my mission to stash bust my quilting cottons.
  • McCall's 6982 is cut out for my eldest and she's given it the thumbs up.
  • I love Simplicity 2157 for my 2 year old.  I have the pattern already cut out.  I have a goal of making taffeta dresses for my girls this Christmas and I'll probably use this pattern for the 2 year old's taffeta dress.  
  • The Oliver and S Forest Path Cape was the other pattern I picked up from Stitch 56 and I plan on making it for my 2 year old.  It uses so little fabric and I have a yard of beautiful wool I've been holding on to for a few years now for just such a pattern as this!  Its a gorgeous burgundy and pink plaid wool from a quilt shop in Kansas City and was never enough for a pattern for me but is perfect for the 2 year old. 
  • I made this Simplicity Coat for my then 5 year old last year and it was adorable.  here's the link.  I might have to make it for her again this year since she loved it too.  Again I have to whine about the big pattern companies putting patterns out of print far too soon for me!
  • I have a goal to draft a coat for my 2 year old but I am doubtful of completing it any time soon. I tried a couple of times already and it-was-huge...back to the drawing board. 
I know this list is impossibly long....and unrealistic, I'll probably only get to a quarter of it but I like to put all this down to be able to go back to as I work through my stash.  

So how do you organize your sewing plans?  Or do you organize your sewing plans?  I'd be interested to know!


  1. Boy, those are some plans. I'll have to come babysit.
    The Thurlow pants are so cute. The shorts are too. Be cute in a plaid.
    And the dresses look like they'll be nice for winter. Jacket 1325 will be good to wear to church. Just enough to be warm.
    6/1.00. Used to get those at Kessler's when they were clearing out. Old times.
    love mama

  2. I know its a lot but its fun to dream it up! I can't wait to make that pattern of yours! love to you, E