Friday, June 9, 2017

Much Needed Maritime Shorts

Just a short post here to share these Grainline Maritime shorts that are so useful.  I have needed a new pair of denim shorts for a long time and I finally was able to make these up.  


Although I don't relish showing the back of these shorts to the internets I think its really helpful for others who are making this pattern to see all angles of the final garment.  The Grainline Maritime is a short shorts pattern, just be forewarned (Hanni, I guess I forgot to mention this to you back when?).  I have always added about 1 1/2 inches of length since first making a muslin a few years back.  I am not what I would call tall, 5'5" and my legs are on the shorter side so take all that into account if you are unsure about the length of these shorts.  
The rest of the fit is really well.  I love the comfort of these shorts and they look so put together.  For next time I will definitely scoop out the back crotch more. 

The directions for this pattern are not great, just sayin'.  I have been able to navigate them but a new sewist will more than likely have some issues.  The fly instructions are not the best, I usually pull out an old pair of maritime shorts to see how I put them together in the past.  


I sewed them up in a short length bought at Hancocks quite some time ago.  The denim has a lot of stretch and is on the lighter side as far as weight goes.  This pattern uses so little fabric that I could probably squeeze them out of a yard of fabric using alternate insides.  

I have plans for making another pair in an adorable ikat sateen bought years ago at Fabric Mart.  They are on my cutting table but are behind a few other things that I am currently working on. 

This is how I wear these shorts, chasing after people who climb on climbing rocks and ropes.  Lifting, bending, squatting etc.  So they fit well into my casual wardrobe and match almost any top in my closet. 

I am coming up short on creative things to say about these shorts, they are a great basic and its pieces like this that go with ALL THE TOPS in my wardrobe- so less time wondering what to match up and more time chasing the cute small ones in my life! 

I hope your summer is off to a great start and thanks for reading!


  1. They look great! I love the dark denim.

    1. Thank you Masha! Its a great stretchy and comfortable denim.