Saturday, April 5, 2014

Easter Dresses

I was about to title this post "Dresses of Easters Past", then realized why that name was so catchy, and apparently, unoriginal.  So I just want to say, Elizabeth, you inspire me.  Consciously and unconsciously.

 My daughter's birthday is in early March, so she was just a teeny, tiny, four or five weeks old when she celebrated her first Easter.  Somewhere in those weeks, and I'm not sure when, I found time to make her an Easter dress.  To the best of my recollection (my memory is slightly faded and sleep-impaired from those days), the pattern was Simplicity 1448.  It was a sweet, A-line gathered dress with a peter pan collar. Even at the smallest size it seemed large on her.    I made her a matching bonnet from this tutorial from the Cottage Mama, and the shrug had been my mother's when she was a baby.

The following year, I used another big-pattern company design whose name and number I now can't remember.  The fabric was a hand-me-down vintage floral print in light blue, and was the perfect ruffly, airy, girly Easter dress.  You can see that even at thirteen months my poor little girl was still bald-- so a flower headband was the perfect distraction.  The dress was large enough that she was able to wear it the following summer!

And here's a picture of Elizabeth's oldest daughter and my daughter together that same year.  Two sweet girls!

Finally, last year's dress.  A few weeks before Easter 2013, my husband traveled to Myanmar (Burma) for work.  He brought back a lovely dress for our daughter, which seemed perfect for Easter.  It was a beautiful white and blue floral print, with a two-tiered skirt.  Her hair was just starting to grow out last spring (at two years old!), so we still accented the dress with a large floral headband :) 

I have this year's dress pattern and fabric ready to go, so please stop by the blog the week of the April 14th to see this year's fashion trends! (or something like that!)

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  1. Your daughter is adorable. Love all the pretty Easter Dresses.. The first photo, I thought she was a baby doll [until I read it,ha[, That dress and bonnet was so sweet..
    I sewed lots of Easter dresses for my daughter [who is grown now], and I am working on dresses for my 4 granddaughers now.