Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Plantain Tee with a Punch

The theme for Project Sewn this week is "If the Shoe Fits."  The idea is to make a garment that goes with a pair of shoes you own.  My first inclination was to make a dress to go with a pair of new black boots but as I've been thinking a lot more about making garments that fit my everyday style (thank you to this post and this post) I decided to give the much lauded Deer and Doe Plantain Tee a try.  But I couldn't just leave it as a plain tee, I wanted it to have a little punch so I added a back panel.

The panel is a piece of hand stamped rayon challis I've been saving for just this sort of project.  I loooovveee this rayon, I made it for a Colette Laurel top last spring and had just enough left for this top and maybe one more.  I have such a hard time finding rayon challis prints that aren't too "Grandma" so hand stamping it was my solution.  I added a pleat to the center back of the panel for volume and also shaped it to drape a bit lower in the middle back.  I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for it so if anyone out there is interested in learning how to modify this FREE tee pattern let me know!  Btw, I highly recommend this pattern as the shape is very flattering and it comes together quickly.

 Since the sewing challenge was to be connected to a pair of shoes I thought it only right that I should show you what shoes I intend to wear this tee with.  Well folks, this is where we interject a little reality into this here blog post.  Here are my shoes....they aren't the most stylish but this is what I toodle around town in because people, there are toddler's to tote on hips, stuffed toys to pick up while holding said toddler, five year olds to shuffle and sometimes multiple bags slung over arms.  And I am not the kind of person that can accomplish any of that in heels of any kind.  So loafers it is....


  1. Great modification to the pattern! Someday I will have to try stamping material. I totally get you with the shoes. All of mine are boring because I've got kids to drag around. :)

    1. Thanks Jordan! I love the end result of hand stamped fabric and tend to hang on to if for a while because of the work involved! And yes, boring shoes, well what can I say I've got kids to move and its always more physical than I anticipate. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Hanni! I definitely have more of these in mind even one with more drape and more pleats and tucks.

  3. Wow, I love your modification to this pattern. Did you ever make a tutorial? I'd love to see it! :)