Saturday, February 1, 2014

And now, for my next trick....

Something completely different!

Well, it still involves sewing, and kid's clothing, and Kid's Clothing Week.  But this time no florals, no ruffles, and it definitely would not coordinate with pink polyester pants.  For clothing article number two I made the Lucille Top from Shwin Designs: a color-blocked raglan tee with a very modern feel.  

This is the second pattern I've made from Shwin Designs.  The first, last fall, was the Pepper Pinafore, which is an adorable pattern but was a frustrating sewing experience due to sizing issues in the arms and chest.  With the Pepper Pinafore,  even though my daughter was solidly in a 3T at the time, and her chest measurements matched the 3T measurements on the pattern's sizing chart, it was waaayy to small.  I had to remake the pattern in a size 4, and extend the length of the bodice to make it fit. 

So I hoped that this time, with a knit patten, I wouldn't encounter the same problem.  Just to be safe, I made a 4T.....and it was too big.  Mostly around the arms.  It did turn out to be more of a tunic than a shirt, but it looks great with a pair of leggings.  And there is room....lots of grow!

For the bottom portion of the shirt I upcycled a woman's long sleeve blue t-shirt.  The top is made out of an eyelet knit that was a hand-me down fabric.

Overall, a quick sew, an easy pattern, and a nice twist on a classic design.  I wish I had done a better job with the v-shape in the front and back, the point isn't quite as sharp as I would like.  But I will improve on that next time!  And there will definitely be a next time!  This pattern would be great in short or long sleeves, and is also a wonderful way to highlight small amounts of fabric--for the size 4T, it required only a half yard of each fabric.  One more quick note about Shwin Designs:  while this pattern was fairly simple, I don't know if I would recommend any of their patterns for a beginner, mainly because their instructions are not very detailed.  There are other designers (Made By Rae especially) who include the step details and tips.  With Shwin Designs, you are left to figure some of it out on your own.

And before I go, just a question for you all out there:  How do you balance making clothes for your children that they won't outgrow too quickly versus clothing that fits them really well right now?  I don't want to spend my time and energy creating items that my daughter will outgrow in two weeks, but I really don't like making clothes that run big, either.  I want to make her perfectly fitted clothing that she can wear for the next year-- I want it all!  So what do you do?


  1. It looks very cute on her! I understand not wanting to spend tons of time on garments for children but also wanting them to fit. I guess I try to err a little both ways. Some (pants, skirts) I make with elastic waistbands that can be adjusted as well as the length. Some- tees dresses- can have wiggle room or may not. I have to tell myself that its ok if it doesn't last a whole year, not much that I buy from the store lasts either. I even think that the stuff from the store is worn a shorter time than the things I make. Have much else to complete before the week is out??

  2. I, like you and Liz, don't want to spend time on something that they will outgrow quickly. Depending on the pattern, sometimes I would go a size up and sometimes I would add an inch to the overall pattern. In pants I usually went a size bigger and made the elastic to fit her now but in a few months if it was starting to get a little snug I would replace the elastic with a longer piece. For the shirts and dresses I usually did a size up. Great job on the shirt!! It's adorable. I love that you and Liz are recycling clothes- like the lady's tshirt. Your daughter is a cutie :) Happy sewing, Holly