Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sleep Shorts for Bitty Girl

Oliver and S patterns  has a new free shorts pattern.  I used the pattern to make my Bitty Girl some new sleep shorts.  The fabric is from some vintage crib sheets I thrifted ages ago.
 I loooovvvvveee vintage crib sheets, you usually have to cut around staining and holes but the prints are always sooooo sweet.  I tried to capture Bitty Girl in these but she is way to busy to be bothered.
 The pattern is very straightforward and comes in sizes 6 months to 12 years so if you're new to sewing this may be a great starter pattern for you.  I always love Oliver and S patterns for the clarity of the instructions and the great overall fit.  Ok "that's all I have to say about that" (Forrest Gump voice thrown in for free).


  1. Oh Bitty Girl where art thou? Not inclined to model. Too cute. Sheets are so soft and cute for this project. Can't wait to see them on her. Love mom

  2. I'll try to catch her the next time I make her something!! Soon I promise. I just love those vintage drawings on them! Thanks for keeping up with the blog. Love to you, E