Thursday, February 6, 2014

Grainline Moss ("I hope you got a discount") Mini Skirt

This is the Grainline Moss Mini Skirt and I can't recall how long I've had this pattern but it has finally come to fruition!  The whole time I was making it all I could think of was my Dad's admonitions to my sisters and I that he "hoped we got a discount" on our mini's because "you're missing half your skirt."  Silly Dads.  
I'm not sure what to say about the pattern because all of the online research I did comparing people's experiences and reviews led me to think that this skirt would practically make itself.  Maybe I just wasn't in a good zen sewing place but I think I had to redo almost every step of this skirt at least twice.  Granted I've never inserted a zip fly and at least a couple of times it was completely my lack of paying attention but at different points I just had the hardest time deciphering the diagrams and instructions.  Did anyone else have that experience?  I'd be curious to know.

So here's a rough review:
Fabric: This is a bottom weight denim-ish fabric from Hancocks.  It has some stretch to it and a bit of a sheen.  It was great for this pattern except my waistband ended up a couple inches too short for the skirt waist, I suspect in part because of the stretch of this fabric.  So I had to recut that piece again to fit the skirt. I can't wait to make this in a crazy pink floral fabric I have in my stash.  It doesn't have any stretch so maybe I won't have the same waistband issue.  
Pattern: As I stated above I had some problems (some my own fault) discerning the instructions and diagrams.  I had some gaping at the back waistband but as already stated I think this was due to the stretch of the fabric and not the pattern.  This was my first time to insert a fly zipper and I'd say that I think these instructions are probably the least painful way to do it.  The end result is good though and I think I may have to make a couple more of these just because they're great with leggings.     
Alterations:  I let the back seam out 1/4" because I was worried it might be too snug.  My hips measure a 39 and the size 8 (which is a 39) was just right- not really sure I needed that extra 1/4".  One more note about size, this skirt is made to sit low on your hips, so I think that the hip measurement is probably the most important one to take.  I did not fold the hem up 3/8" two times and stitch, instead I used bias tape to finish the bottom.  I just needed that extra 1/2" length.   

These little owls are the lining of the pockets.  I love that my girls aren't the only ones who get the adorable prints on their clothes.  Well I think that sums it up!  Make sure you have your thinking cap on when making this and you should be just fine.  And, to my Dad- no, I did not get a discount but I think we should all show the zip fly I completed some major respect!  


  1. Such a cute skirt. It turned out great. I know what you mean about certain patterns. So are just do-overs. You do them over and over until you get it right. Remember dad use to say that same thing about our bathing suits :) Love the owls what a fun surprise. And I spy little baby g. I love the second picture of her. Adorable. Happy sewing, love, Holly

    1. I forgot he used to say that about swimsuits too, not surprising though! I love those owls too! Yes, baby G loves to sneak in the pix when she can!

  2. I like your fabric choice. I had a too short waistband too and I wouldn't describe my fabric as stretchy, but I havent heard anyone else say that. I thought maybe my seam allowances were out as it came out too big, but then again maybe I'm trying to wear it sitting higher than it's designed for. Hmm..

    1. Thanks! I would love to know what I might be doing wrong with the waistband too but still haven't solved that riddle! I know that it is meant to sit very low on your hips, which I like! Good luck to you in your skirt!