Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Geranium Dress

I know, I know.  There are millions of Made by Rae's Geranium Dresses out there in bloglandia.  But you know why?  Because it's a really great pattern.  Simple, quick, with lots of potential for personalization.  So I won't go on and on, except to say:  it's a great pattern, I definitely recommend it, and here is my latest version:

The fabric is clearance fabric I bought on clearance at Joann's lat month-- perfect for a February Geranium Dress! This version includes the u-shaped cutout on the bodice, the pleated skirt, pockets, and cap sleeves.  So there it is!

As a side note, I finally discovered how to get my daughter to smile for pictures-- tell her "Don't you dare smile", and instantly she's laughing.  We'll see how long I can get away with that!

For the next few weeks I think we're going to be sewing along with Project Sewn, so be sure to check out our blog updates as well as their site-- there are lots of amazing, creative clothing items being made!

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  1. Just wanted to say i think that fabric makes a perfect Valentine's dress! And the model could not be cuter! I will make sure AJ see's her picture because she is sure this blog is all about her seeing her friend and her friend seeing her!