Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pinkedy pink pink Grainline Moss skirt and Hemlock tee

Does anybody else have parents that bring things like pink Valentine's trees when they come to visit their grandchildren?  What you say you've NEVER heard of a Valentine's day tree?  Why it consists of pink ornaments, some lovingly made of salt dough and mountains of sequins that are never to all be in one place ever again.  And for this show of love by my parents to my children I say "thanks Mom and Dad" that's why they always love it when you visit.  And I also say what better way to display a pink floral mini skirt than next to said tree?  

 This is the Grainline Moss mini that I completed last week.  I've had this crazy floral fabric for about a year just waiting for a pattern like this.  I love the vibrant colors of this fabric but I know that an entire dress consisting of this fabric would just look like a big Scarlet O'Hara curtain dress.

The tee is the Hemlock tee also from Grainline.  Its a free download and I highly recommend it.  I am loving the ease and comfort of this big tee.  It comes together very quickly and I have a couple more of these in mind to make.

I'll be adding this project to the sew-along pool at Project Sewn.  I'm really loving that sew-along and all the amazing talent displayed there.  If you're not familiar with it you should check it out there are some incredible sewists creating some equally amazing garments.


  1. If I were 30 years younger and 20 pounds lighter I'd make this skirt! It looks great on you!